The short answer is, YES, defenitely!


You are probably reading this post because you are part of a club, as a committee member, manager, owner or director. If not, I’m sure you will still gain some valuable insights.

Facebook is widely used, and now has 2 Billion active users per month – This is not people who have signed up and left their account, these are people who regularly use Facebook on a day-to-day basis.

Facebook is an exceptional tool to keep in contact with friends, family and loved ones and judging by the amount of regular users, they seem to think so, too.

Now, you are probably wondering why Facebook is a good tool for golf clubs – Well, it’s as simple as this; your potential target market (Audience) are currently using Facebook, so what not show them an advert?

Facebook marketing is the best tool when it comes to golf club marketing, because of the in-depth targeting options available to reach your required audience.

Here are just some of the things you can target by:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests (Wide range to choose from)
  • Family situation
  • Income per annum

As said before, these are just some targeting options that are available.

You can also run different types of adverts, such as images, videos and slideshows. We prefer to use videos as this increases results and awareness drastically – The world is becoming more automated, the internet is becoming faster and cheaper, and a video can get through much more information that an image and some text.

Videos work especially well with golf clubs as this can make a person feel like that are actually “playing” a whole (Using a fly-through video of a hole) – It gives them a sense of the game and wants them coming back for more, which means, that there is higher chance of a conversion (Sale/Lead/Membership) in the future. Eg. A person might watch the advertised video on Facebook now, think nothing of it, but when they are interested in playing one day – Your golf club will be top of mind!

The great benefit about using Facebook to market your business is that it’s highly trackable, you can push start/pause/stop whenever you like and make the necessary changes to your campaigns to deliver optimal results.

A simple Facebook strategy can be implemented by following a few simple steps:

  1. Set your goal
  2. Design your adverts
  3. Setup your targeting
  4. Define your budget
  5. Define your target ROI (Return On Investment)
  6. Press play
  7. Optimise


Just following the simple strategy above you can create your very own Facebook marketing campaign.

Albatross Digital Golf has been helping golf clubs across the UK for years, and we are the professionals when it comes to golf club marketing. No matter what your goal is – We can help you get there.

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