Driving new green fee and membership sales

Ross-On-Wye partnered with Albatross Digital Golf to create a campaign to gain new green fee customers and membership sales.

£10.12 return on every £1 spent on their campaign

29 New Members in just 3 months

The Story

Ranked Number 1 in Gloucester

Renowned for being one of the finest golf course in the South West Midlands, Albatross Digital Golf leveraged ROWGC status as the number 1 course in Gloucester. Ross-On-Wye prides itself on providing a quality golf course and a friendly welcome and were keen to promote these values and your USP’s to a wider audience through your social media presence.

New Members – More Revenue

Managing Secretary, Ian Griffiths was looking increase revenue and in particular attract new members to the golf club. The club had previously marketed their offerings through more traditional forms of media, which were producing limited returns that were difficult to quantify.

Increase Awareness

– Pre Qualify Leads

Albatross Digital Golf worked in partnership with Ian to devise a digital strategy that would fit both the reputation and overall goals of the club. The strategy was to encompass the use of social media channels, in particular Facebook advertising to deliver pre-qualified membership leads. The membership campaign began in early February to enable us to build a steady pipeline of leads for the key membership acquisition months in early spring.

The key was to promote the club’s outstanding reputation and USP’s through the use of high quality course imagery and positive customer reviews. This would allow us to deliver the club’s offering to a highly targeted regional audience.

29 New Members

The campaign resulted in 29 new members joining the club between Feb to Apr. The projected value of new business directly attributed from the Albatross campaign is close £20k for Ross-On-Wye in the first year with a lifetime value which is worth substantially more.

In 3 months Ross On Wye results:

Ads seen by 24,704 local golfers
£12,773 in membership and green fee sales to date
Projected sales of £19,752*
£10.12 return on every £1 spent on their campaign
913% Return On Investment on Campaign*calculated at a rate of 75% conversion of 3-month trial members into full members.


“Working with Albatross has delivered an incredible return on investment with a hugely successful membership drive. The level of interest in membership and green fees is totally unprecedented and we are excited to see what the summer ahead brings”