How to use Facebook targeting to promote intermediate membership at your club


Facebook Targeting to Promote Intermediate Membership | In this digital era, the importance of using social media as a marketing channel has always been very clear. In fact, it’s been widely used by businesses to achieve core business goals: To increase brand awareness, website traffic, and customer conversion.

Facebook, according to latest analytics, has been the most effective platform in terms of conversion out of all social media networks, whether it is lead generation or driving relevant traffic to websites and landing pages where conversion begins.

Facebook is not only a network of connecting with people, for businesses, it means connecting to their target market. Imaging more than 2 billion people ready to see your advert every day.

Here’s why Albatross Digital Golf took on golf clubs’ greatest challenges in the UK with some solid Facebook advertising strategies.

Over the past few years, we have been working with a variety of different golf clubs and have been privileged enough to help them increase membership, society and green fee revenue.

From planning to campaign building, setting up Facebook Ads Manager to monitoring, optimising and reporting, we have mastered the ins and outs of Facebook advertising for golf clubs in the UK.

One of the most interesting membership categories we promote for most of our golf club clients is their Intermediate Memberships.

Here’s how Facebook plays a huge role in developing successful membership campaigns for Intermediate Membership categories at golf clubs.

First, let’s define Intermediate Membership.

Intermediate Memberships are categories that offer lower priced membership options for young adults and providing greater value for money.

It’s important to understand that a full priced membership for a young adult who is starting a family, saving for a mortgage or building a career can be a bit expensive and with less time to play, value for money is hard to attain. It is just as important to understand that millennials or the younger people in this generation can also be a loyal golfer.

Here’s how to use Facebook Targeting to promote intermediate memberships.

Facebook Ads Manager offers a feature that enables advertisers to target people based on certain demographics such as age groups.

In the Business Manager section of Facebook, it is possible to create custom audiences. Just go to your Business Manager account and choose Audience from the other tools. Create a Saved Audience and configure the settings by selecting the appropriate age groups the fit your intermediate categories and don’t forget to update the location so you are targeting local golfers.

The population of the audience your campaigns will potentially reach will then show up to give you an idea of how many potential customers you have within your membership catchment area.

You can then create a Facebook conversion campaign.

Creating an eye catching video to promote your intermediate memberships and writing a good caption will attract the ad viewers and increase your engagement rates. The higher your engagement rates the more chance you have of converting more young adults into intermediate members at your club.