There are three reasons why the team at Albatross Digital Golf will be focusing the rest of 2018 on cracking Get Into Golf. Here’s why:

I firmly believe, like the vast majority of people in the golf industry, that the future success of golf and golf clubs globally is heavily reliant on #CrackingGetIntoGolf and converting non-golfers into long-term golfers.

Here’s why we are absolutely focused as a business on succeeding with Get Into Golf:

1️⃣ LTV of a new member – for each club we work with, if we were to generate 200 Get Into Leads / year, and convert 20% into members at £750 / year (average) with a LTV of 5 years, that’s £150k in membership revenue alone. Even at 10% conversion rate it’s £75k.

2️⃣ Untapped market – there is a huge untapped market of potential golfers online for us to target, literally millions in the UK alone.

Whilst other agencies focus on trying to convert existing members and nomadic golfers into members with discount memberships, green fees and societies deals, our long-term goal will be to convert those who have never picked up a club into members.

3️⃣ Growing the game – having been doing digital marketing in the golf industry for over 3.5 years, we are finding there is fatigue with offering the same deals (16 for 12, 3-month trials) over and over again to the same golfers.

That’s not to say these offers don’t work, we’ve had a lot of success selling memberships this year despite the horrific weather conditions. However, there are only so many existing golfers out there interested in these types of offers.

Cracking Get Into Golf is an opportunity for our clients to stand out in a heavily-saturated market place whilst growing this great game at the same time.


I’ll be documenting our journey as a business and feeding back on our results with data like the cost per lead, ad budget spend, life time value of a GIG lead etc.


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