Justin Rose’s gold medal at the Rio Olympics has given the game of golf in the UK a real boost. All the Doom-mongers before the event have been well and truly silenced and now we have a role model to inspire the next generation of golfer.

Social media has been in raptures over the Olympics and Justin Rose himself has been active on twitter, reaching out to his 595,000 followers with all sorts of content highlighting Team GB’s triumph.

The legacy that followed London 2012 can now be fully seen and it is golf’s turn to get in on the success of that shiny gold medal Rose has bought home and create a legacy that young golfers can follow and grow into the game.

This new inspired generation is ripe and motivated right now to pick up a set of golf clubs and hit the course and potentially become our future Ryder Cup stars.

How do you reach out to them?

Social media is the way forward when it comes to targeting the next generation of golfer. For example did you know:-

  • There are over 12.4 million twitter users in the UK
  • 96% of people online who have a social media presence are on Facebook
  • According to the Government the digital economy is growing 10x faster than the regular economy
  • There were 14million active users of Instagram in the UK in July.

There is a mass market out there which if targeted correctly could really lead to some rew